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It’s here!

September 14, 2010

Communicating Design, 2nd Edition arrived on my doorstep this afternoon, and I am proud of the final product. The book is larger than I thought it would be, perhaps a consequence of working electronically for the last six months. The production quality is better than expected: the new glossy cover gives it a nice polish and the heavy stock makes it a book that will stand up to lots of wear.

Overall, it feels like an entirely new book, which makes me happy because (a) I’ve learned a lot in the last five years and I’m glad the book reflects that, and (b) it was a helluva lot of work!

The back cover describes the major updates:

  • An improved structure comprising two main sections: Design Diagrams and Design Deliverables. The first focuses on the nuts and bolts of design documentation and the second explains how to pull it all together.
  • New deliverable: design briefs, as well as updated advice on wireframes, flow charts, and concept models.
  • More illustrations, to help designers understand the subtle variations and approaches to creating design diagrams.
  • Reader exercises, for those lonely nights when all you really want to do is practice creating wireframes, or for use in workshops and classes.

The back cover also includes testimonials gleaned from Twitter, which I’ve repeated here for the benefit of you and my overwhelming ego:

  • @jdcoffman: Looking through “Communicating Design” – nifty book about wireframes, site maps, and neato things like that.
  • @lynneux: My very own copy of ‘Communicating Design’ just arrived! Such a great book. Now can give back the loaner I’ve been hoarding
  • @kevinmhoffman: Each time I start a new deliverable, I reread a little of @brownorama ‘s book and somewhere, a document gets it’s wings.
  • @eatmedia: New employees get copies of Dan Brown’s “Communicating Design” a highlighter and a quiz.
  • @A_Silvers: Of all the UX books I own, @brownorama’s book might be the one I turn to most often.
  • @pboersma: rumour has it you have my copy of Dan Brown’s Communicating Design. Is that true? Can I have it back please?
  • @nickf: After a little bit of research, a quote from @brownorama’s book saves the day yet again!
  • @billder: Dan put together a great book on a tricky problem.
  • @ksilver: once again Communicating Design and Dan Brown to the rescue!
  • @jonesabi: @brownorama Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing your book. It has been really helpful today in dealing with clients.

Lastly, I want to call out the nine amazing people who shared their insights, experience, and knowledge, providing side bars to many of the chapters, adding voices that matter beyond mine:

  • Tamara Adlin tells us what makes a great persona
  • Stephen Anderson politely disagrees with me on concept models and contributed a beautiful example
  • I could only include a small portion of the beautiful insights Dana Chisnell provided on usability reports
  • Nathan Curtis digs into the planning and management of deliverables
  • The flow charts chapter benefits from two sidebars from Chris Fahey, who tells us why “wireflows” rock
  • James Melzer offers some wisdom on simplifying site maps
  • Personas gets another sidebar, this one from Steve Mulder, who describes how to make personas memorable
  • Donna Spencer’s contribution to the site maps chapter explains how to make the diagram “client-friendly”
  • Last but not least, Russ Unger provides a side bar for the new chapter on design briefs
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  1. This is so awesome, Dan! Communicating Design, the first edition, was a book that really helped me out a lot. Frankly, it made me a fan, and I enjoyed–and felt saved by–the book so much that it compelled me to gather up the courage and introduce myself to you at an IA Summit. Getting to be a part of CD2 is kind of like having Superman ask you to be his Jimmy Olsen (even if just for a few hundred words)–it was truly my pleasure and I cannot wait to get my copy!

  2. Never before have I been as proud to have a tweet I tweeted on a book cover as I am to have this particular tweet this particular cover. Just pre-ordered my copy.

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